Our Approach

Rebirth Counseling and Training Center, Inc., values and promotes human rights and supports the needs of the persons served. A goal of the agency is individual’s served feel respected by both direct-care staff as well as administrative staff and they are allowed to serve as recovery agents through mentor support centers provided throughout the community in which the agency provides services.
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Contact Us

Address: 3915 Cascade Road Suite 110 Atlanta, GA 30331 Phone: 404.883.2447 Fax: 404.883.2612 Email: rebirthofhopenow@gmail.com
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Welcome To Rebirth Counselling & Training Center

Rebirth is dedicated to providing behavioural health services for families and children. Our philosophy consists of identifying the community services and support that a family or individual may need. our service is designed to adhere to those needs of families, school or communities. Rebirth provides these services by working as a team with a collaboration of other resources with in the community. Certified mentors, therapeutic support staff, mobile therapy and community support specialists cater to the needs of the individual and family.

Our Services

  • Primary provider of services
  • Services are provided out of office
  • Highly individualized services
  • Assertive approach
  • Long-term services
  • Psycho evaluation services
  • Family support and education
  • Community Integration
  • Individual skill building
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

CARF_GoldSeal_108pxBy achieving its accreditation, Rebirth has demonstrated that it meets CARF international standards for quality, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served.