Our Approach

Rebirth Counseling and Training Center, Inc., values and promotes human rights and supports the needs of the persons served. A goal of the agency is individual’s served feel respected by both direct-care staff as well as administrative staff and they are allowed to serve as recovery agents through mentor support centers provided throughout the community in which the agency provides services.

Individuals will be assigned to a qualified team of mental health personnel. Members of the team will meet with consumers in their respective communities: home visits may be adequate and frequent. An individual engaged in Rebirth treatment could lead up to and exceed 60-90 minutes. The treatment is consistent and consumer driven; the treatment is available to individuals for as long as they need it. A criterion for mastery of treatment is established based on individual needs. Individuals who meet criteria for mastery of their treatment could engage in aftercare to provide optimal support and continued care.

Rebirth does not conduct research on any of their clients. Outcome measurements are collected and analyzed to ensure that the best quality treatment is provided.